Vidhyashram International School


11 Aug, 2017

Yugpurush – Mahatma na Mahatma

Yugpurush – Mahatma na Mahatma, was staged in the amphitheater of Vidhyashram International School in association with Rotary Club Padmini, in the celebration of the 150th birth anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandraji. Yugpurush is not only a play, but it is the experience of heart-touching portrayal of the spiritual relationship between Gandhiji and Shrimadji, who was Gandhiji’s inspiration and spiritual mentor. Apart from Vidhyashram students and staff members, 600 children and audience from other institutions, also witnessed the historic show. Originally a Gujrati play, written by Uttam Gada and directed by Rajesh Joshi, it is produced by Shrimad Rajchandra Mission, and now adapted in several other languages including English and Hindi. It won the Best Drama award at the 16th Annual Transmedia Gujarati Screen and Stage Awards 2016.

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