Vidhyashram International School

Teaching Methodology

Our objective at Vidhyashram is to provide a congenial atmosphere for rich and gratifying teaching-learning experiences for all. To achieve this end we blend the basic teaching methods that have proven themselves over the ages for acquiring the required learning outcomes with digital learning.

To prepare future ready citizens, we equip our learners with all the essential skills and competencies which would aid in establishing themselves in this new era.

We offer all our students expended and highly engaging learning opportunities by the following teaching aids:

  • Moodle Learning Management System, which we have incorporated various open source educational resources such as e-pathshala, Teach Next, Extra Marks, Khan Academy and others.
  • Through Flinnt app, we send information to parents related to scholastic activities, home-work, notices and circulars, monthly schedules and time tables.
  • To provide blended learning, face to face and virtual education we provide opportunities for self-pace learning and also remedial teaching to students those who require it.
  • Educators in our school act not only as subject experts but also as guides, mentors and counsellors. We believe in training intellectual and spiritual potential of our children.

    Dedicated to the pious cause of educating the makers of tomorrow, we will continue to strive for excellence in education.

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