Vidhyashram International School


Vidhyashram International School has undertaken NOVICE programme for its students from the Art of Living founded by Sri SriRavishanker Ji. As the name suggests it is the Nurturing of Values in Children through Education. The programme helps students in improving their power of concentration and refining their thought process.This program offers schools a complete solution for a stress-free and dynamic learning environment. It brings up human values such as compassion, friendliness, naturalness and respect in students. It helps teachers to deal with difficult situations, and parents to understand and communicate better with their children.

The program helps the students in the following ways:
  • The program involves games and activities where students learn valuable lessons in sharing with others, working and playing in harmony and developing a sense of belonging with others.
  • Dynamic games and yoga
  • Experiential processes to develop problem-solving strategies
  • Children become more self-expressive, comfortable and natural with diverse groups of people. Activities such as making a new friend each day and random acts of kindness help students to become aware of the needs of others and encourage the integration of human values into their daily lives
  • Practical knowledge to create awareness
  • Dynamic group discussions designed to help teens feel at ease in challenging situations, increase confidence, withstand criticism and peer pressure.
  • 100
    Certified teachers
    Enrolled students
    Years of experience
    Satisfication of parents