Vidhyashram International School

Kitaabo – The Blue City Children’s Literature Festival

20 Dec, 2017


To give wings to the creative imagination of the future generation , a literature festival “KITABO” was organized at Vidhyashram International School, Uchiyarda,  Jodhpur in association with ‘Desert Leaf Foundation’ on 18th, 19th and 20th December 2017.Mr Gaurav Jain,CEO,Vidhyashram International School, is the co-founder of Desert Leaf Foundation. This foundation was founded to encourage social, cultural and educational aspects in the students. The purpose of the event was to give free reign to the expression of the students so that they can polish their art and showcase their talent. The festival served as a platform for showcasing their talent.

His Highness Gaj Singh Ji graced the occasion as the Honourable Chief Guest in the inaugural ceremony. Students from different schools of Jodhpur visited the festival to witness the living legends of various performing arts and literature. The venue was thronged by the master’s of arts and they happily interacted with the students .Sessions telling Manipuri tales, talk by Bharatnatyam exponent,Geeta Chandran,Puppet stories by Gopal Acharya served as instruments in helping to develop wholesome personality of students.

Sessions in Qissa Kona, Think Tank and Fun Karri not only inspired them to set hem higher aims in life but also to achieve them.

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