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Aeromodelling Show

11 Nov, 2016

Aeromodelling Show

Through Aeromodelling School Programs, we offer a unique Learn with Fun educational Hobby of Aeromodelling, prescribed by CBSE as a co-curricular activity, which a child can pursue in his school hours. These are designed specifically for students of grade 9th-10th this year. As a part of this an Aeromodelling show was organized on 11 Nov 2016 in school ground. More than 350 students of Vidhyashram International School, Uchiyarda, Jodhpur benefitted from a one-day aero modelling show during which they had experienced tremendous flying session of miniature scaled model airplanes. One is Remote operated Plane and other one was A control line model with some chuck gliders made by students themselves.

The Aeromodelling show was conducted in presence of Mr, S.K.Sharma Director of Vidhyashram International School, Uchiyarda, Jodhpur.

The students learnt the basics of aero model flying, with design elements of flying machines, how flights take off and land, forces acting on an aircraft, the difference between velocity, magnitude, and speed and the science behind the aircraft and Newton Laws of Motion, etc. The Air show is aimed at developing inquisitive skills among the students.

“Aero-modelling as science enrichment is educational, and interesting. Flying models need considerations of weight, balance, and strength. Students get to explore the relationship between force and motion and the effects of weight and lift on a glider, aerodynamics, and characteristics of a model. The students have almost learnt basics of how to fly an aircraft.”

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